So you’ve finally studied all the basic to start a blog in 2022, but before you start publishing those super contents, you must first and foremost know how to promote your blog in 2022.

And that’s just what this article aims to reveal.

1. Contents is key.

The only key to unlock every blog in the world is content.

Without contents your blog will never be a blog.

It is contents that will position your blog on the right place it needs to be online.

The more contents you publish on your blog, the more you will increase the chances of ranking for keywords and getting organic traffic flowing back to your blog.

So have your schedule ready on how you are going to publish contents every now and then on your blog.

Some bloggers recommend 3 articles a day, but I recommend more; even though how many times you blog a day will depend on whether you are blogging full time or part time.

2. Use Google Search Console and XML site map to make your blog searchable.

If you wait for Google to naturally come find your site and crawl your contents in order to make it searchable online, it will take a very long while for your blog to be seen on search engines, safe to say rank for keywords.

So you need to take the bull by the horn, and you do that by:

  1. Install and activate the Google Site Kit.
  2. Run the set up and register your blog.
  3. Connect your account to the Google search console.
  4. Now install and activate Google XML sitemap.
  5. From the XML generate your sitemap key.
  6. Go back to Google and click on sitemap, then input your sitemap key.

4. Use internal and external links to increase your rankings on search engine.

Internal and external links are the two major factors that will help your contents rank on search engines.

You can create internal links easily by connecting related posts on your blogs articles.

But external links is much harder because, you need to get it from other blogs.

Another name for external link is backlink, and if you know the importance of backlinks then you should aim on how to get quality backlinks for your blog.

5. Share your blogs contents on social media platforms.

Social media are the best free places to promote your blog, and you do this by sharing your contents directly on your social media accounts.

The good news is that, most of this shares will be accounted for as a backlinks.

So ensure you sign up to as many social media platforms as you can, and when you achieve enough followers it will help you promote your blog in 2022.

6. Answer questions on Quora.

People are asking a thousand and one questions everyday on Quora; and your blog’s contents already have most of this answers.

So why not join Quora today and start using your contents to answer direct questions that will help you promote your blog in turn.

But exercise precautions when you are doing so to avoid being considered a spammer.

Rule is share more thoughts and drop few links.

7. Influencer marketing.

This is the current online promotion that is trending, and it involves getting a social media influencer who has tens of thousands, or perhaps millions of followers to mention yourcontents or blog in their posts.

And this in turn will gain the trust of those followers to visit your blog and engage with your contents.

Though this type of promotion is very expensive, if you have something valuable to present to an influencer, he or she might just decide to give you a free promotion.

But if you can afford their fees, it’s better, and when you do make sure you have what will generate income on your blog I order to have a return on your investment.

8. Guest post on other blogs.

Guest posting is another way to promote your blog, and this simply involves writing an article to popular blogs in return for a backlink.

So go online now and start to search for popular bloggers who are requesting for guest posting on their blogs.

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Last modified: October 7, 2021



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