2022 is almost here and since you’ve developed interest in starting a career in blogging, or even choosing it as your profession, in this article I am going to show you how to start a blog in 2022.

But before you ever commit yourself into starting a blog, I think it’ll be wise if you first of all learn about why blogging is so hard for beginners.

Now let’s begin by looking for the definition of a blog.

What is a blog?

A blog is a type of website that focuses on writing contents which is also called blog posts.

To be a successful blogger, you need to concentrate on a particular topic you know too well. Best is if it is your talent, occupation or profession.

Even if you will have to research to come up with your blog post, make sure your personal experience is 80 or 90% in order to make your contents unique.

Your goal as a blogger is to gain the trust and loyalty of your readers, and once you succeed in doing so, then you will be able to make so much money from your blog.

Below therefore are the ways to start a blog in 2022.

1. Choose a name for your blog.

Your blog needs a name in order to secure a unique place in the cyberspace.

There is no way that 2 blogs can have the same name as that will cause issues when a user is trying to locate them online.

Before you choose your blog name, make sure you understand or know the niche you are going to blog in.

And at times, it is even wise to choose a blog name that corresponds with the niche you blog for, or what your blog really entails.

For instance, this our blog aims to help bloggers, especially the newbies understand the tips and tricks of the trade; that is why we call it How-To Blog.

One advantage of having a blog name that rhymes with your blogging goal or niche is that it will help it to easily rank anf gain authority in that particular niche; since all your post will be writing about almost the same thing, or using the specific keyword.

Ranking on search engines are done by robots, known as Algorithm and they don’t have human understanding, but works according to how it is programmed.

And for that reason, if someone is searching for how to blog, the robot will first of all scan the domains that have those keywords, before it starts to sort out the ones without the keyword that talks about it.

2. Buy a domain for your name and get a hosting provider.

Now that you are certain of the name you are going to use, you need to buy a domain for it as well as get a hosting plan that will give your blog a place in the cyber space.

If you are located here in Nigeria, you can get a cheap domain name here.

Hosting is an online storage facility that will help to save your blog’s data or files and also make it easily accessible to people when they click on your domain name.

Having a very good web hosting provider is very important for your blogging career, since it acts as the engine room for your website.

If you are located here in Nigeria and you need a good web hosting provider, I will recommend the 2 I am using that has not given me any problems for so long now; and they are: Domainking NG and True Host.

If you want to learn more about web hosting in Nigeria, then read these 2 articles: How to get cheap web hosting providers in Nigeria and What makes a web hosting provider good in Nigeria.

N/B: choosing a domain name and hosting provider will cost you money, and if you are not financially sound to even buy a cheap domain and hosting providers; then you can learn How To Start A Blog With No Money In 2022. now.

3. Install WordPress and customize your blog’s theme.

WordPress is the most popular blog builder nearly everyone is using in the world.

It is easy to use, and all you need to do is head on to your Cpanel, and scroll down to softaculous installer.

When you reach there input your blogs admin username and password.

Now click install, and wait few minutes for the processing to finish, and once it’s done your blog will go live on the cyberspace.

4. Publish your first post.

Since you already know the niche (topic of your blog), all you need to do now is start writing.

Contents is the driving force of every blog, and the more of it you publish will increase the chances of your blog ranking on search engines, and the traffic beginning to zoom in.

So get on your keyboard and start making those posts come live on your blog.

5. Create awareness for your blog.

Now that your blog is up and running, and you are beginning to publish your ideas and all that; you need to let people know that such a blog exists.

Therefore, creating awareness for your blog simply means promoting it.

There are lots of ways you can do this, and some of them are:

  1. Word of mouth: Begin by telling your friends and families that you have started a blog; and the excited will make them visit as well as also tell their friends about it. This is how you easily start to get the first visits for your blog.
  2. Share your contents on your social media platforms.
  3. Get backlinks for your blog: Aside from being a promotional tool, getting backlinks for your blog will also increase your rankings on search engines.
  4. Do guest posting: Source for blogs who are looking for people to write for them in exchange of a backlink. If that blog is popular, it can really help drive quality traffic to your blog.

6. Monetize your blog.

Now to make up for the expenses you will be incurring in your blog, you need to find ways and means of making money from the traffic coming to your blog; and that process is what we call monetization.

There are several ways of monetizing your blog, and some are Affiliate Marketing, Monetizing your blog with Ads, Selling of Products and Services, ETC.

And now that your blog is up and running, start to make plans of making money from it.

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