So you are ready to become a blogger but unfortunately you don’t have the money to build your own blog, and you are thinking is there a way I can start a free blog? Yes! this article will show you how to start a blog with no money in 2022.

Basically, starting a blog usually involves spending money because you will need to purchase a domain name and pay for web hosting in order to make your blog visible on the cyber space.

But not withstanding that, there are several platforms you can get a free blog, and I always like to advice newbie bloggers to begin with a free blog, at least for the first year of blogging; and when you see the results you are getting you can then opt in for a normal blog.

But before you ever think of starting your own free blog, there are several factors you need to put into consideration and they are.

Find a topic or niche for your blog.

Don’t open a free blog until you are certain of what the topic (niche) of your blog is going to be.

Playing around with random topics will confuse both your audience and search engines who will find it hard to recognize the keywords your blog should rank for.

But if you focus on a particular topic or niche, people will soon begin to reckon with the straight forward lessons you are giving them, and it will also help you to gain authority in that particular niche and in so doing rank for specific keywords on search engines.

How can you choose a blog topic?

There are a thousand and one blog topics available in the world that you can choose.

Some advice that bloggers should choose a niche that is profitable, but I personally don’t agree with that.

My own advice is that you choose a topic or niche that matches with your professional goal in life.

For instance, if you are a doctor or nurse, it’s best you choose the health or fitness niche as your blog topic.

The worst part of starting a free blog in 2022 is depending on the copy and paste mentality of contents from other people’s blog, because plagiarism will be the enemy on your blog and that will prevent you from using several monetizing services like Google AdSense.

Having looked at the most important subject about blogging, let me finally show you how to start a blog with no money in 2022.

How to start a blog with no money in 2022.

The platform I will advice you to use when starting your free blog in 2022 is Webnode.

Webnode already has over 40 million users worldwide, and it doesn’t take much time to create a free blog on this platform.

With Webnode, you don’t need to hire a developer or web designer who will create your blog for you, because you will easily understand and make use of all the available tools that will enable you get your free blog running in no time.

It is also easy to use your phone or tablet to open and update your blog with Webnode.

All you need to do is Follow This Link, and when you get to the website, click on create a website, then choose your preferable website name and register for free.

You can either use your Facebook, Google or email address to open the free account.

After signing up, the next thing you will have to do is choose the type of blog you want to create; the 2 basic blogs are website and online store.

Once you’ve chosen your type of site, go ahead to choose a template, and it will automatically generate a website editor where you can make the necessary changes and have your free blog live on the internet.

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